Faceplate Builder

Name: Starcraft, Chevy School Bus    Part #: RCT-01681-0__09     Documents: RCT-01681-0__09 Starcraft Chevy School Bus.pdf



Starcraft Faceplate, Coal Black/White .125

Use with MicroLine, "Bus Power Center", RCT-01490-XXXXX  or RCT-01507-XXXXX , the latter has ADA; "Stop Request and Chair Lift Interlock".

Switch #3 "Interior Light", Carling ON OFF.

Switch #4 "Sign",  is normally dedicated, Carling ON OFF switch, C-00001.

Switch #5 "Heated Mirror",  is normally dedicated, Carling  (ON) OFF  switch, C-00003

Switch #9 "Electric Door", is normally dedicated, Carling Red (ON) OFF (ON). 

Switch #10 "Amber Lights", Carling Switch ON OFF, C-00005.

Switch #11 "Master Switch", Carling Switch ON OFF, C-00002.

Opening #12 "Red & Amber Indicator".


Switch #12 " Rear Heat, Hi & Lo", Carling ON OFF ON, C-00007.

Data Cable:  DAT-01348-05004, connects to S-01492/J3, S-01493/J3 or S-01682 and operates Aux. #3 relay.

Tyco connector operates Aux. #2 (Pin 5) & Aux. #1(Pin 6) on RCT-1490 or RCT-1507.

Interface Data Cable 1:

Interface Data Cable 1:  Rquires DAT01350-00200 (Twenty Foot Fifteen Conductor)

Power Center 1:
Used Relays: