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12 Position Sw. Assy RCT-645 High-Side Switch RCT-264
3-Relay w-Breaker RCT-538 Hour Meter Y4-T41E45
3-Second Alarm RCT-268 Idle Increaser RCT-510 595
3-Wire Mtr. Rev RCT-739 Ignition Delay RCT-673
5 Relay RCT-728 Keyless Entry Y5-90-912
5-Rly w-On Output RCT-326 Legends
5-Rly w-Pos. On Output RCT-325 Light Delay RCT-130
AC Power RCT-668 Load Management RCT-918
ADA Lift Control RCT-540 Low Voltage Brocher RCT-598
Audio Selector RCT-669 Low-Level Monitor RCT-261
Auto Seq. Brocher RCT-498 Low-Side Switch RCT-279
Auto Signal Switcher RCT-553 Meter Brocher RCT-658 -659-660
Body Flasher RCT-772 Motor Reversing RCT-147
Current Shunt RCT-686 Motor Rev-Latching RCT-607
Digital Display RCT-383-384-394-395 Motor Torque Control RCT-692
Door Controller RCT-946 Open Door Indicator RCT-354
Door Lock-Unlock RCT-997 Park Sensor RCT-567
Dual Latch Relay RCT-162 Power Center RCT-410
Eaton Key Sw. Y6-8980P26 Power Center RCT-621 RCT-728
Electroic Lock RCT-773 Power Disconnect RCT-763
Em. Brake Lock RCT-724 Power Switch RCT-941
Exit Alarm RCT-272 Pulsating Alarm RCT-269
Ext. Compt. Light RCT-450 Solenoid Y1-ELC
Face Plates RCT 00 System Booklets
Fuse Holder RCT-913 Transfer Switch RCT-574
Hamlin Switch Y3 Vacume Motor Y2
Heat Cool RCT-713 RCT-728  
I have been using R. C. Tronics for the last year and a half. We have incorporated the RCT-01233 Power Center into our emergency lighting package. It has made our installation more uniform and cut down the installation time. The system is easier to trouble shoot and repair. The board lay out is well thought out and is easy to install. We have been able to cut our cost and provide a better more versatile power package for our customers.

Ted Ellison, Lead Shop Foreman, Jimmy Diesel, LaGrange, Illinois.

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